Host command meaning

The Host command is a tool with a command-line interface for Domain Name System lookups. You can practice it directly from the Terminal application because it is usually pre-installed on Linux-based and Unix-based OSes. Linux Host command can provide you a lot of information for the host, IP addresses, DNS records, and check name servers. Discover more about how to use the Host command!

What is the Traceroute command?

Traceroute is a built-in command. It has a command-line interface that you can practice within the Terminal application. In addition, it serves as a diagnostic tool most frequently used to trace a route from the computer, sending the traceroute request to an IP address or a hostname. Read more precise information about the Traceroute command!

What is the Dig command?

DIG is the short abbreviation of Domain Information Groper. It is software with a command-line interface for domain probing. The Dig command can make various DNS queries and receive information about different DNS records, such as A DNS record, AAAA, MX, SOA, NS, PTR, and more. Find out more information about the Dig command!